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Enjoy Montmartre's lifestyle in your language


 Living Montmartre

Enjoy France pleasures in our lively and historical neighboorhood in your own language. We want you to feel the spirit of Montmartre by living our lives, by smelling, tasting, eating, E-N-J-O-Y-I-N-G every single moment

A specifically customized tours

We will create a completely yours journey to make your memories unforgettable

The authenticity of Paris lifestyle

French life will have no secret for you, you will enjoy the French way of life like a parisian

A funny funky team

2 polyglot women and an optional photographer all dedicated to your journey in your own language

 Our tours

Enjoy the french "Art de vivre"

Sacré Coeur

A wine delightul journey in Montmartre

Learn more with French professionnal oenologists


A sweet and sour beer discovery in Montmartre

Discover the Montmartre bevery and learn how a delicious beer can be made


A bubble luxury dream in Montmartre

Enjoy the moment with the most luxurius & typical French beverage : Champagne !

 About us

Two Parisian Montmartre young women want to give you a Montmartre tour in your language explaining the delightful French "Art de vivre".

  • Meeting


    Our humble beginnings

    A meeting in the heart of Montmartre

  • Friends


    Our concept is born

    Creating our project to make you discover Montmartre

  • Computer

    April 2016

    Our website is on-line

    Launching our website to make you living our everyday dream in Montmartre

  • Phone


    Phase 2 Expansion

    Launching our Living Montmartre mobile application

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    Of Our

 Our Amazing Team

Two Parisian Montmartre young women devoted to their neighboorhood.


Marjorie Raquet

Spanish, Dutch, English speaker


Charlotte Renault

Chinese, Portuguese and English speaker


Arnaud Mangatalle Louboutin


One team is dedicated to your discovery of our neighboorhood, we can of course adapt to any of your enquiry.

 Languages spoken

Enjoy Paris pleasures in your own language







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We want to give you the journey your are dreaming of, so please let us know what you need.